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Available Resources

     Our website features a wide array of tools, writings and guides for Christians trying to understand why God is interested in their work, and what he expects from us as we labor shoulder to shoulder with both Christians and those who are not Christians.  Our Senior Writer, Randy Kilgore, spent many years in human resources and brings to his writing a keen awareness of the real world of work and people; and his theological training helps him uncover God's views on even the most routine of workplace events. 
     "One of the more important aspects of our writing and tools," Kilgore explains, "is that in nearly every piece the "punch line" or "key truth" is delivered by Scripture. This does two things, we believe: (1) It identifies God--and not me (Randy) as the source of wisdom; and (2) It helps to get lay Christians back into the Bible in ways that teach them they can not only understand it, but also that God's Word is surprising relevant in even the most modern aspects of our culture. As Solomon rightfully notes," Kilgore closes, "there is 'nothing new under the sun'."  In other words, Christians can rely on the Bible's accuracy and it's applicability to their daily lives. 
     The tools found on this website are designed to wean readers and viewers from a reliance on "what seems right" to themselves (a human tendency to think ourselves as smart or smarter than God) to a reliance on God speaking through His Word.  To accomplish this, we offer devotionals, Bible studies, how-to-guides, articles, essays and extensively researched opinion pieces that target issues everyone recognizes, and then shows them how God's Word interects with those "everyday issues." 
Here's just some of the tools and materials available here at Madetomatter.org:
---Hundreds of devotions and essays on topics Christians face every day; and
---Dozens of Bible studies designed to equip Christians in their efforts to honor God with the work they do, including Single issue Bible studies like "Finding Balance"; "How God Defines Success"; "Is Ambition Sinful?" and much more; Packets of five Bible studies designed to help you change the way your work and worship, as well as Packets of ten Bible studies geared to helping you meet the Great Commandment, the Great Commission and the Cultural Mandate.
---How-to-guides for work and faith, including talking about God in a spiritually diverse workplace; building a personal statement of faith to help you understand why you believe what you believe; how to hear God; career-decision guidelines and much, much more.
---Booklets on topics like "What do My (Muslim, Jewish, etc.) Coworkers' Believe"; and "Jump-Starting Your Quiet Times".
---Book reviews, personal interviews, best-practice resources for Christians in business, intriguing and useful websites, best blogs, suggested reading lists and reviews, suggested movie and television views and reviews, and other surprises to make the life of work and the work of life as joyful as possible while we introduce the redemption of Christ into it, and to our friends, family and coworkers. 
---"From Duty to Joy: 40 Days to Make Faith Useful and Pleasing to God & you!"
--"Why the Local Church is So Important";
---Plus links to the best practices and best sites we find;
---Speaking engagements and retreat leadership;
 ---Daily Bible readings, favorite Bible passages, answers to questions everyone asks but people are afraid to answer...and much, much more. 
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