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Great Commission Issues

The Bible Matters in Every Area of Life
These Bible studies are designed to help you discover Scripture is relevant to your work life by uncovering truths that apply to issues and incidents nearly every worker faces. We invite you to go deeper in your faith by studying these lessons.
These Bible/life lessons can be studied or taught in any order. To view and download the Bible studies, click the pictures.
Holding the High Ground at Work
Workplace Evangelism
Opening Doors to Conversations at Work
Straight Talk
Jargon-Free Conversations about Faith
Ministering to Coworkers
Becoming the Go-To Person at Work
Fielding Questions
Answering Skeptics
In Synch with God's Agenda
Setting Boundaries
Narrowing Our Focus & Setting Boundaries
Time Management
Using Time Wisely
Stewarding Our Resources Wisely
Spiritual Disciplines
Spiritual Discipline in Chaotic Lives
Got questions about the studies? Email the author at Randy@madetomatter.org.
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